Slingsby Personalised Vodka
70cl Abv 40% 28 Units

You can now personalise our award-winning vodka with your own message. Crafted using the finest English wheat, seven times distilled and blended with Harrogate spring water from the world-famous Harrogate aquifer. This produces a bold characterful vodka with a soft and elegantly smooth finish. A high quality vodka which is perfect as an ingredient in cocktails but smooth enough to enjoy on its own over ice. With an optional 2 lines of text to customise. Up to a maximum of 12 characters on the first line and a maximum of 10 characters on the second line. Further further guidance click here

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Slingsby Personalised Vodka £30.00
Tasting notes

Super smooth vodka that is crafted with the finest English wheat, results in a peppery character at first, building to some creaminess with a pithy finish. A deliciously versatile vodka that works perfectly as an ingredient in cocktails or served on its own over ice. 

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