Slingsby Personalised Old Tom Gin
70cl Abv 43% 30 Units

You can now personalise Slingsby Old Tom Gin with your own message. Our own interpretation of an old style of gin popular in the 18th century, when strict licensing made it difficult to make and sell gin. The image of a tomcat hung outside a door indicated that this was an illegal distillery. Our classic London Dry Gin base remains, however the addition of Yorkshire liquorice creates a sweeter more mellowed gin. With an optional 2 lines of text to customise. Up to a maximum of 12 characters on the first line and a maximum of 10 characters on the second line. For further guidance click here 

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Tasting notes

Bold aromatic flavours hit the palate followed by delicate citrus notes from the grapefruit base with hints of lemon verbena. This is accentuated with a sweet smooth finish from the Yorkshire liquorice root. 

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